=hannah james knight=
=illustration major // california college of the arts=

it is not true that we live,
it is not true that we endure
on earth.
i must leave the beautiful flowers,
i must go in search for the mysterious realm!
yet for a brief moment,
let us make the fine songs ours.
10. April 2014

she is a moon amongst stars

humble elegant, glowing and calm

her presence nurtures fawns and fronds and all the kind spirits she stumbles upon

she lays and sways like lavender in the field as the wind yawns and the dusk fades to dawn

our lunar leyla scavenges for serenity on an earth gone wrong; perhaps she longs

for the fantastic lives of those thriving in tattered comics

or the heroes of romantic ballads with sticky chords and heartsick lyrics;

she mourns without mercy and malice and shall never beg

but quietly wishes with her neck curled to her chest and knees to her breast

as the universe whispers; “it’s alright sweet darling, take a rest”

and so she’ll go to bed with liquor herb and the cosmos dancing in her head

naive to the light her soul sheds even while she catches her breath

she is blessed and so are we all

we are messes so we trip and we fall

but she, little moon, so resilient, rises with the tide so tall

questioning celestial being queen bee of the precious and the small